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Sample Newsletter Assignment:

Avoiding Sickness This Winter

Hello, Sunshine Cafe team! Congratulations on another successful month. The sound of Christmas music in the malls and halls of public spaces can only mean one thing; it's the holiday season again! As we prepare for the weather getting colder, the days getting shorter, and the in-laws coming over, we also need to prepare our bodies. As we approach the hectic month of December, filled with trips, presents, and cooking, it is important to remember that our health is usually the first thing to suffer when our bodies become stressed, tired, and overworked.

Our objective at Sunshine Cafe is to deliver healthy and affordable food choices and promote a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. Just as we wish this for our customers, we also wish it for our employees. As the life blood of our company, your health and wellness is an important part of both our company's mission as well as our company's success.

Illness often seems to arrive at the most inopportune moments, but we can all most likely agree that there is never a good time to be sick. Doctor's agree that because the flu season reaches its peak in late fall and early winter, and because viruses circulate better in colder weather, the holidays can become a virus-distribution system.

There has been an increase in the number of employee sick days at Sunshine, and at this time of year it is imperative that we be proactive and cautious when it comes to our health. “Loss of productivity due to illness or injury is a big issue for us in our development stage at Sunshine Cafe,” says Jane Doe, our human resources vice-president. “When everyone is healthy and happy, we are able to reach the success that Sunshine is capable of achieving as a company and everyone benefits.”

One of the easiest ways to avoid catching any bugs or viruses is to practice frequent hand-washing. The proper way to fully sanitize hands while washing is to spend at least 20 seconds wiping both the top and bottom of hands, as well as between fingers prior to eating and drinking. Hand sanitizers are also a method to consider for extra precaution against the pesky common cold or flu.

Another effective way to keep your body in peak condition is to simply get enough sleep. Although a simple concept, many people struggle with getting an adequate amount of rest on a regular basis. Sleep helps to keep your immune system strong, which helps fight off any unwelcome bacteria and viruses. A tired person is a person more susceptible to illness.

Another method to boost your immune system is to eat well; plenty of fruits and vegetables and an avoidance of high-fat, high-sodium foods. Vitamin C is an especially important part of an anti-illness regimen. If you are unable to get enough Vitamin C from citrus fruits, Vitamin C pills are an effective and convenient way to increase your daily intake.

Participating in regular exercise is another great way to improve your immune system while also boosting your energy level and mental clarity. Physical activity has been proven to reduce stress while increasing mood. Just a reminder that as a Sunshine Cafe employee you are entitled to special discount membership pricing at Goodlife. Try working out with a coworker in a friendly competition to see who can lose the most weight before Christmas. Keep in mind that health is not directly tied to weight. Pay more attention to increasing endurance and muscle mass as opposed to the number on the scale.

One of the most common causes of sickness is stress. Cortisol is a natural hormone that responds to stress, lowering immunity and making you more prone to illness. Stress might be unavoidable in our daily lives, but getting enough sleep and staying hydrated will help keep cortisol in check. Stress can also be lessened by better planning. Shopping during the holiday season is enough to wreak havoc on even the most Zen person's stress levels, so consider buying presents earlier and avoiding the holiday rush. If you are feeling overwhelmed or overstressed, consider talking to someone in Human Resources. Sunshine Cafe has systems in place to offer our employees a support system for anything that might be affecting your performance at work.

Unfortunately, sometimes becoming ill is unavoidable. If you are extremely sick and coming to work is a risk to yourself as well as the health of your coworkers, then stay home, drink lots of fluids, and catch up on sleep. If you can reasonably come to work, however, this is preferred. When dealing with mild colds at work, there are several common sense practices to fend off illness. If you are sick, cough into the crook of your arm and be sure to wash hands as often as possible to avoid spreading germs. On the same note, if a coworker is coughing or wiping their nose avoid immediate contact with them, and maybe offer them a cup of Sunshine Cafe's world renowned herbal tea.

Workplace safety is another wellness issue that is very important to us at Sunshine. Avoiding injury at work is crucial to the growth and success of our company. Remember that proper safety equipment is mandatory and do not be afraid to ask if you have questions about how to properly carry out any of your responsibilities. You also have the right to refuse any work that you feel is unsafe– your well-being is paramount at Sunshine.

Keep these suggestions and tips in mind as we continue through the winter season this year. We can all work together to reduce sickness and viruses both around the office and at home. Let's keep each other, our families, and ourselves healthy this Christmas, and continue to spread the warmth of Sunshine Cafe. Happy Holidays!

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